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Hot Weather Info

By German Vazquez, 08/12/16, 11:15AM PDT


There are rules we must follow, set forth by the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE), to avoid any heat illness from occurring. According to the OCDE, 105 degrees Fahrenheit is the heat index limit for being able to hold practice. Obviously, for the indoor sports this doesn't apply to you because you are nice and protected in the indoor area, so this is for ALL outdoor sports. 

The heat index is different than the regular temperature. Heat index takes into account the combination of heat and humidity. Today the heat index is supposed to be around 102 degrees Fahrenheit, I would recommend either rescheduling practice for another day, shortening practice and/or changing the type of workouts planned.  Attached is a general flyer that explains hot weather guidelines for athletes, please read it and become familiar with the signs and symptoms of the three main heat illnesses and adjust your practices accordingly to the guidelines attached. 

  • Heat cramps
  • Heat exhaustion - Can be life threatening
  • Heat Stroke- Life threatening

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